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Coffee Time: Sonder Coffee and Tea

Sonder was the first coffee shop I stepped in in my journey of exploring coffee shops. I  stumbled into this gem by just entering coffee shops in my google maps. A year later, it has become one of my favorite shops to visit regularly. It is conveniently located close to my home, has amazing coffee, friendly staff, and decor that is to die for. On one of the walls you will find their logo which us a butterfly with the left side of its wings resembling a tree branch or root in my opinion and the right side there are wings of a butterfly. Under you will find the definition of their name, 

Son •der (n): The realization that each random passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.

I  love this because at times we forget that everyone is fighting their own demons and struggles, we tend to just focus on ourselves.

One of my favorite decorations at this shop are is the antlers they have against the brick wall. Each season they decorate the crown it with different flowers and colors. It is truly beautiful and adds a wonderful pop of color.

I  love to order an iced match latte with oat milk, honey cinnamon latte, or one of their special seasonal drinks like the Sunflower Latte, or the honey pistachio cold brew. It doesn’t matter what you order you will not be disappointed. I  never have been.

Every time I  walk into this cozy coffee shop I  feel that I  am home. It will always have a special place in my heart because it introduced me to my love of coffee  and their friendly staff make me feel like welcome. 

My favorites: Coffee & My Pup Kona


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