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Culpable: The Podcast


I  just started listening to Culpable recently and am hooked. I  love mysteries because I  have a drive to try to solve them and be correct about the possible outcome. Culpable is about the loss the Andreacchio family suffered when their son Christian passed away. Christian’s death was ruled a suicide but his family and anyone who knew Christian do not believe this could be possible because he was full of life. Culpable gives you the back story of Christian and his life. It also introduces you to key characters and key evidence as to why no one believes that this was a suicide but rather a homicide. The podcast also shines light on the Mississippi legal justice system and its lack of pursuing investigation into this case.

I  do not want to give much away but I  also believe that this was a homicide. In my opinion Dylan and Whitley are definitely involved with Christian’s death and this case should be opened up and reexamined. I  applaud the Andreacchio family for following their gut and not giving up on justice for their son. If you are reading this take a listen to this podcast and let me know what you think so we can discuss this!    


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