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Road Trip! Destination: San Francisco!

Exploring San Fransisco

How did we get here?!: My friend and I  rented a car and drove from LA to San Fransisco. The drive is usually  around 6 to 7  hours. In order to make this drive tolerable you have to have 3 things:

  1. Good music that keeps you going
  2. Tons of snacks, the more sugar you have the better.
  3. Great company. Try to travel with people you like.

In reality our drive took around 12 hours. We stopped and explored Santa Barbra and enjoyed the beach views along the road.

Needless to say, when we arrived I  was exhausted! But hungry. I  am hungry all the time. I  could eat 24/7. As we arrived in San Fransisco around 9pm and scrambled to find a place to satisfy our appetite. While online searching I  found Brenda’s French Soul Food. We arrived and there was still a wait even though they were closing in an hour. But let me tell you, the wait was with it!  I  ordered fried chicken, Mac and cheese, and a biscuit! The food was out of this world delicious! My mouth is drooling right now just thing about it.

Our Full Day In SF:

Our day started with COFFEE of course. 


Home is a cute little coffee shop in Richmond that makes beautiful and delicious colored lattes. My friend and I  both ordered the Birthday Cake Latte and yes, drinking it made me feel like it was my birthday. With all this acquired caffeine and energy we were ready to explore!

Golden Gate Park Windmills and Tulips

This park is beautiful! You have the ocean and beach on one side and on the other side there is plenty of lush greenery and beautiful rustic windmills. This was one of my favorite places during our trip because I am a HUGE fan of gardens and greens. The windmills are surrounded by beautiful flower gardens that make a great photo opportunity or just a great place to admire natures beauty. The park is large so you can take your time walking and exploring all the beautiful sights there are to see.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is such a tourist trap but everything there is so cool! (In my opinion)

If you like Booze in your coffee you need to go to The Buena Vista. They have the best Irish coffee and its well known and busy. My friend loved her Irish coffee. I  am not the biggest fan of booze in my coffee so the bartender made me a drink that tasted like a vanilla cupcake and I  was a huge fan of that.

Since you are by the cable car station might as well take a ride on one! I  highly recommend downloading the app and paying online for your ticket because the lines can get pretty long and you do not want to wait forever. I  have a tremendous fear of heights and fast things so taking a ride on the cable car almost gave me heart attack but it was exhilarating! I  loved/hated it.  The views and experience were astounding so yea, I  would do it again!

You can go to Ghirardelli Square and shop around and get delicious chocolate and ice cream! They do not how every make the chocolate there. The factory closed years ago.

The Boudin Sourdough Bakery and Cafe has delicious sourdough bread that can be found in many different shapes. My personal favorite was the turtle and teddy bear.

You can eat at  In-N-Out like we did and explore all the souvenir ships! If you are in the mood to be entertained and see some sea lions while doing some shopping head over to PIER 39.

During the night you can head over to the Castro District. This district is famous because it was one of the first gay neighborhoods in the United States. The End.

San Fransisco, thank you for giving me such an amazing 24 hours. I  hope to visit you soon again!

** Yes I  did see the golden gate bridge but it was very foggy and hard to see as well as crowded. ***


Location: Denver, CO Age: 20 Something Occupation: Server Love: Coffee, Food, & Dogs Dog Mama I am currently lost in this life. Follow my journey as I try to better myself and others in this crazy yet beautiful world.

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