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Roaming Around Los Angeles!


I  have been to LA multiple times now and for some reason this time it felt like home. My friend and I  started our day at the Farmers Market. The Hollywood Farmer’s Market has been the BIGGEST and best farmer’s market I  have been to. It had a vast variety of vendors. These vendors had fresh produce, plants, flower arrangements, meats, and food options. I  could spend all my money here! well, I  almost did but….The Hollywood walk of fame was waiting.

I  have been a HUGE Selena fan all my life and it was very meaningful to me to see her star and the capital records star on the walk of fame. Honestly, that was the only start I  cared to see.

While in Hollywood we also explored multiple thrift shops. There was an abundance of varieties to choose from as well as a variety of coffee shops such as La Colombe and Roo. La Colombe has a vanilla latte on draft and let me tell you, it was so smooth and creamy. It felt that I was drinking a cloud. It was so delicious!! YUMMM. Roo is an Aussie cafe we found. The barista there was super friendly and helpful. I tried the Aussie Cappuccino which I have never tried and it was heavenly. If you have never heard of an Aussie Cappuccino it is a cappuccino served with shaved milk chocolate on top. As you are drinking it, the chocolate slowly melts into the cappuccino adding a slow delicious sweetness to it.

Other places we explored:

LA’s Fashion District:

There are sooo many clothing and goodies options here! There are seriously like hundreds stores and you can definitely find anything that you are looking for. The downside is that it is super crowded but it is a great place to explore.

Olivera’s Street:

Olivera Street made me feel as if I  had traveled to Mexico. Olivera Street is a Mexican Marketplace filled with street vendors, restaurants, and gift shops. It also has a little square where live music is played and dancing takes place. Olivera street felt like home and reminded me of my roots and where I  came from. 

Little Tokyo:

Little Tokyo had an abundance of little shops and food options. Their bakery had so many delicious choices. I  was high on a sugar rush from there. I  would definitely recommend checking it out. 

Exploring around Los Angeles was a success!


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