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Coffee Time: Jubilee Roasting Co.

When you walk into Jubilee you immediately feel a sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere. The baristas are always friendly and offer you a welcoming smile. Jubilee cares about its community because they give back and bring everyone together by having day of Jubilee once month, every Friday. During this day they give out free coffee, have live music, and delicious food. They definitely know how to be good neighbors. It also brings me joy to know that they gave this neighborhood a chance. Many see this neighborhood as run down  I  started visiting Jubilee around a year ago when I  was flipping through the coffee field guide book and was determined to visit all the coffeeshops featured in the book. Ever since then, I just kept coming back for more lattes.

The things that attract me back to Jubilee other than the delicious coffee of course are the collaborative spaces inside the shop, the ability to see the roasting process, and the old school chalkboard against the wall. This chalk board that gives me so much nostalgia and is surrounded by books and plants. Some of my favorite things. The also have a great patio spaces. 

My go to drink here is either a honey cinnamon latte with oat milk or a matcha latte. Oh yea! They have Oat Milk! My favorite milk alternative. Whether you go there for the atmosphere or coffee, you end up becoming a regular.

P.s Their punch for their punch card is of a dinosaur which I think is super cool!


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