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Uncle Ramen Restaurant

I was introduced to ramen about a year ago by one of my good friends. All of my friends always raved and urged me to go check out this restaurant called Uncle in the Highlands neighborhood. My friends claimed this spot as having the best ramen. I  have to admit that even though I  love to eat and i love and live for food, I  am honestly terrified of trying out new foods. But, under the peer pressure of my friends and the curiosity to learn and see what this rave was all about I  decided to give this place a try! I  could not go on this new food adventure without the company and support of one of friends. 

The adventures started with some appetizers of course! We first tried the spicy edamame and pork belly buns. I  already enjoy eating edamame on the regular so me loving it was a no brainer. OH MY GOD the edamame being incorporated with poké sauce, miso powder, serrano, and lime created a spicy but delicious concoction. Your taste buds will thank you for this. Next came the pork belly bunnnzzz. By the time they arrived I  was already in food heaven just by having devoured the edamame. At this point, I  landed my eyes on these soft warm buns, which lead to me drooling immediately. The bun was so soft that it made me feel like I  was taking a bite into a cloud of fluffy deliciousness. The pork belly, perfectly cooked and juicy. All together the most delicious pork belly buns I  had ever had. The buns are relatively simple in ingredients. They are made up of hoisin, cucumber, and scallion but merry them together and you have an explosion of perfectly blended flavors.

By this point in time I  was on a food high and starting to get really full. I  couldn’t imagine eating any more food. I  was perfectly content with what I  had just devoured. I  turned around and saw our nice server walking towards us cradling our ramen bowls. Could I  have any more space in my belly for more food? Our server placed the ramen bowls in front of us and I  can’t help but be amazed at the look and smell of this amazing bowl. I  decided to order the Spicy Chicken bowl because it sounds delicious and it was the most popular bowl so you can’t go wrong with that. It was my safe choice.

It was a safe and super delicious choice! I  take my first sip of the broth and immediately started sweating. One because of the temperature and two because of the spicy heat. But, I  am not complaining!  The spicy sesame broth with confit chicken, bean sprouts, scallion, and soft egg made a merry little dance inside my mouth every time I  took a sip. It is easy to see and tell why this would be the most popular bowl on the menu. Its hard to to love it right away!

So all in all what I  am trying to say is that you should definitely visit Uncle if you ever have a chance. They open at 5 pm and it gets packed so I  would recommend getting there a bit earlier so you can be first in line but its totally worth the wait and being squished in-between strangers. I  want Uncle now..

Uncle website so you can see all the deliciousness they have!


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