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Dirt Coffee Bar

I  discovered Dirt, a super cute coffee shop the same way in which I  have discovered everything else in my life.  Google searching! I  revolve my life and coffee/ food findings around google searching and food blogs. It all starts by searching “best of” coffee shops, food, etc. around me or in Denver. That when the real research starts! I have to read the reviews and look all the possible pictures. I  like to see what kind or food or drink options they have, the ambiance, and opening time. Its a little weird but.. the earlier I  can go to a coffee shop the better. I  love drinking a warm cup of coffee before 7 in the morning. If I have to wait after 7 am, I  get a little cranky. Caffeine makes me happy.

As I am  walking towards Dirt, I  couldn’t help but fall in love the aesthetics of this coffee shop. I’ve always had a soft spot for bungalow style houses. The bungalow style of the shop gives it a warm cozy home feel that immediately makes you feel comfortable. Inside the shiplap, warm decorations , and exposed brick add to the comfort feel. The coffee of course, is also pretty delicious! You can never go wrong by having a vanilla latte, a warm chai latte, or during the fall a delightful pumpkin spice latte that has the perfect balance of sweetness. What makes this coffee shop even more super awesome other than the atmosphere and coffee is that they have made it their mission to train and employ individuals with neurodiversities. They have also provided scholarships to families in need and their caregivers. Dirt cultivates a culture of acceptance, inclusion, and opportunity while empowering others to do the same. 

There is nothing better than having some really good coffee and helping a great cause!

Dirt Coffee Bar Website if you want to learn more about this coffee shop!


Location: Denver, CO Age: 20 Something Occupation: Server Love: Coffee, Food, & Dogs Dog Mama I am currently lost in this life. Follow my journey as I try to better myself and others in this crazy yet beautiful world.

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