Posted in Mental Health

Can you find her?

How do you find yourself? Please tell me. I  have lost myself and no matter how hard I  try, I  can’t find her.

If you have found yourself how did this come to be?

If I  find myself will I  like her?

Maybe I  don’t want to be found.

It’s so hard to focus on yourself some times. 

We all have so much going on everyday from work, school, family, relationships, and friendships.

I  am currently working on trying to find myself and have a better relationship with me.

If you have any tips on finding yourself and making time for yourself, they would be greatly appreciate.

Am I  the only one that feels this way or are there others out there with the same feelings as me?


Location: Denver, CO Age: 20 Something Occupation: Server Love: Coffee, Food, & Dogs Dog Mama I am currently lost in this life. Follow my journey as I try to better myself and others in this crazy yet beautiful world.

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