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It’s me, Gaby!

This is me, Gaby!


I’ve been trying repeatedly to do this whole blog thing for quite some time now. 

I believe that I  haven’t been successful because I  didn’t have a clear vision or passion for this blog. I  also did not have enough time since I  worked 2 jobs.

During this weird stage in life where COVID19 has turned everyone’s world upside down, I  have found that I  have a plethora of free time. I  also have time to find what I  love and enjoy. 

So what do I  enjoy?


How To’s: Baking, Arts, and Crafts

Food! I consider myself a Foodie.



The great outdoors and that is what my blog is all about.

I  am also trying to get in better shape. I  want to be able to go a long hikes again with our getting tired right away. Some of my fitness goals are to this year, run in a 5k, hike the Manitou Incline, and complete a 14er.

Disclaimer: I  am a bit disorganized and writing is not my best subject so bare with me!


Location: Denver, CO Age: 20 Something Occupation: Server Love: Coffee, Food, & Dogs Dog Mama I am currently lost in this life. Follow my journey as I try to better myself and others in this crazy yet beautiful world.

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