Who’s Gaby?

Name: Gaby L.

Age: 20 Somethingish ( Does it really matter?)

Location: Denver, Colorado

Language: English & Spanish

Joyful things include:

1. Coffee Shops!: Going to cute local coffee shops and enjoying some yummy coffee, chai, or matcha latte.

2. Hiking!: I  feel so lucky to live in Colorado & have an endless playground full of hiking trails!

3. FOOD!: I  love food so much! I  love to explore new restaurants. I  consider myself a foodie and would love to share all the places I  have found/ find that has delicious food for the soul.

4. Podcasts: While soul searching, trying to heal my sprit, and trying to make sense of my life I  have been listening to some amazing podcast that have opened my mind and helped me through the process of acceptance. I  hope they make an impact on you as they have for me.

Disclaimer: Writing and Grammar are not my strongest subjects! All the pictures used on this site are all my own pictures that I have taken.

If you want to follow a blog that is a little bit scattered, not the best spelling or grammar, and is all over the place…. This blog is right for you! I  am currently in a place in my life where I  am trying to find myself. I  recently dropped out of my masters in social work program because I  did not enjoy it all. I  have come to the realization that I  have been doing everything for others and not for myself.  I  am going to be taking the next two years to FIND MYSELF again! I  am going to heal my spirit and my soul. I want to be able to blossom as beautifully as a cherry blossom. During this journey I  plan on doing things that bring joy to my soul. I want to share these experiences with you and anyone else that currently feels as lost as I do in life. I ’ll be spending a lot of time in local coffee shops while expanding my knowledge in different subjects as I  find my passions. I ’ll be writing every step of the way.

Thank you for your time & welcome to my life journey!

Xoxo Gaby